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Here at LucidVision we're very fond of the old stuff, I've been busy behind my computer screen for as long as I remember. For me it all started with the MSX1, prior to this was the Atari 2600 but since you cant program it directly and the games were mostly crap we'll leave that to the fan-boys. For me the pages in this section are mostly to maintain my PHP & MySQL skills and for those who take the time to explore the weblinks given a doorway to the many Emulators and ROM-sites I've found and used over the years. Who knows, maybe I give the MSX and Nintendo virus to some innocent passer-by, and thats just the goal I had in mind.
... Enjoy it and learn something about the past of the machine your using !

All the old popular home computers were based on a great piece of machinery. The Zilog Z80 microprocessor, it was the base for many succes stories and a lot of fond memories for a lot of schoolkids back in the day. It wa the heart of the ZX Spectrum, the Commodore 64, the MSX and lots of other obscure stuff in the 80's. I will provide some links for people who might be interested in Z80 programming, even if you use HLL's like C++ or Java it will be a great way to improve your skills. If you can get something going using Assembly on one of the old machines it will be the kick of a lifetime. With so little memory available and so little CPU speed you have to get very, very creative indeed. In the 80's you could only buy a thick programming book to learn this stuff but now you can find everything you need to know online. Besides when you understand assembly language you will be 80% on the way to learn assembly for the x86-based processor thats spinning away in your machine today, and as you might know you can embed these routines in your HLL program to make calculations with lightspeed.
... use your power wisely !

Most of you will know this already but ROM hacking is not legal, its not like the feds break down your door when your playing Penguin Adventure or Final Fantasy II. But if your have some issues against this I've done my part telling you. IF YOU DONT WANT TO DO ANYTHING ILLEGALL, THOU SHALLT NOT HACKETH THE ROMS !!!
there, I've said it the rest is up to you Padawan...

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