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The Silcon System project is an Idea by me to make a website (like many others) where you can donload music of any Psychedelic genre. At the site artist can promote their home made projects (if not too shabby) and all the downloads should be free. No music is actually hosted locally but all links refer to fileshare servers. The main goal I have in mind is actually to share the music that I find online that is whorth listening too with others and introduce new music-a-holics to stuff they may have never listened too. I'm not just into Trance stuff, actually I just like Psy-Trance and especially Goa-Trance from before 2000 and I'd like all the world to listen to my great finds. I'm also a fan of bands, some guys singing and playing guitars and a guy punishing a drumset. Now I dont like them all, but some got stuff I just want to share ! If you browse around my collection (when its online, finally) and you like the things I dug up then keep coming back cuz' there's always more coming. There can be psychedelia into anything, from classical stuff (wich I won't be posting ;) to Floyd-like Hippies to black thrashers. I hope others will make use of the option to post their finds and give me new sounds that I would have never found.
On the main page you can keep track of development untill the website is finally finished...

LucidVision was founded somewhere in 2003/2004 by me (Silcon Avatar) a good friend (E.T.Mindfood) in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I hired a small venue to celebrate the return of my friend from the Navy. The party was a small succes and we could use the location more often. I a span of 3-4 Years we grew bigger and had several bigger locations where we did parties up to the point that we had something going on every weekend, indoor, outdoor, squat-parties, small festivals and anything we could put our hands on. Rotterdam had no scene for Psychedelic underground and I'm still proud that we started something there. My love for GoaTrance infected at least some other youngsters to get stuff going on their own. It is here I met my girl that I'm still with today and being together, paying bills and working killed the project. For long time we had to struggle and moneywise it was not possible to continue the project and so it died.

I have had a computer for as long as I can remember. The first I do remember was the Atari 2600, and the first that I could call my own was an MSX1, in the Netherlands a popular 8-bit along with the Commodore 64. Overseas I guess the ZX-Spectrum was the choice system for all the kids. Like every kid I wanted to program my own games so I (sort of) learned BASIC and did the type-ins and stuff. Nothing fancy ever came out of it since all the fance stuff was written in assembler and being a kid I couldn't buy the needed (dis)assembler software or even grasp how to use it. BASIC I knew a little and Being able to control the computer myself has been a fascination eversince. But with the coming of the Nintend Entertainment System and its Super follow-up I couldn't be bothered to learn any further. The DOS pc changed all that again but before the internet it was not so easy to find programming solutions so the grey box was used mainly for games anyway. When the internet got a bit bigger I took a Web-Design course for 6 months to make a promotional website for the parties. I used Photoshop already to design my own flyers and really liked the Idea of making my own site. The result was okay, but updating it was all done in the html code instead of using a CMS solution like my blog or the base for Silcon System; Drupal. So with LucidVision MultiVerse I want to make proffesional website solutions, connecting seamlessly with all the new social media features and really make it a portal into everything I really love to see and do on the web and create the same platform for other Psychedelic minded individuals.

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