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Sorry no canvas 4 u

Use the arrow keys to move the snake, This is one of the most simple canvas applications so it has no start stop or highscore options yet.

This is a very simple Canvas script where you can find lots of examples for on the web. The greatest thing about everything you create in for the browser is that thanks to the new standards in the web world your applications are working in most of the browsers you'll test your stuff on. The only browser I cant test on is IE 9 but I guess all the 'cool' people are not so into mr. Gates his products anyway. It's nice to see that html 5, jQuery and Flash too are creating a whole new wave of bedroom coders making original products. It's very much like the 80's cassette scene for Spectrum, c64, MSX, etc. But more of this in another part of the site...

There's still a lot missing, the game needs an opening screen, start/stop options and a highscore table that will save the scores and the names of the people making that highscore. It's probably never gonna be implemented but who knows. If you want to play with the code and help me implement it, here it is: source If you do drop me a line because I always want to know more coding techniques

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