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This is my 2nd web iteration

Telling about an initial struggle with code, and my little victories
I cant believe it !! I have made many projects on my local machine, but putting them on servers was always a struggle. Now I've confiscated some free servers to start putting some stuff out there without paying for practice. I've got a Drupal based website locally too, wich is getting there but getting it online can be a pain due to permissions, SQL issues, etc... This self-styled/made CMS template made it though, and if he can make it so can that Belgian Blue-drop. thruth be told I kinda dislike the CMS's someone set all the rules while I want to make em all myself. I wish I was a 10 year old learning jQuery, kinetic, Easel, , CSS3, and u name it... With a $10 piece of crap desktop, linux, open source browsers and internet you can conquer the world, well your world anyway, and thats what its all about. Still cool to have been around to program BASIC, save up for cassettes with games that mostly didn't work and spend nights without sleep playing epic adventures with 8x8 and 16x16 pixelized hero's

Published on 20 June 2012

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