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Coding like crazy

Man, what a month...
It's been a while since I even looked at my site, Im currently busy coding a JavaScript bullethell shooter. I found a little demo someone posted in 2010 and started to fiddle around with it, Now I've already added a lot of features, sprites and even wrote a piece of script for it. you can find it at: There also a MelonJS game, melon is a new Javascript engine and can be used to make browser games. I've got 2 bits and pieces that I will return to when my Danmaku project is finished. Meantime check out the things that got me going started on creating this 'bullet hell shooter' The awesome Touhou (eastern) series by genius coder/artist/musiscian ZUN! here: (been playing it to death every f*cking day for a month now aswell)

Published on 9 September 2012

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